How to Win Friends and Influence People — Bullet Point Book Summary

  • be friendly
  • smile at others
  • listen, just listen.
  • try not to criticize, judge, complaint or insult others
  • show and tell others you appreciate them
  • talk about what they want and not what you want
  • see things from both the other person’s point of view and your point of view
  • become genuinely interested in the other person (make it about them)
  • address people by their names
  • talk about what they are interested about
  • avoid arguments- it’s a lose lose situation
  • emphasize the things you agree on and your end goals
  • make suggestions instead of giving your opinion or orders
  • use “and” instead of “but”
  • begin with praise and honest appreciation before suggesting something
  • talk about your mistakes before correcting others
  • be sympathetic with the other person

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